Antoni Louw

Antoni LouwFounder and CEO of Louws Management, a business training, coaching & consultancy service & executive coaching company.

Toni has been called a visionary, innovator and entrepreneur who arrived from South Africa in 1979, was married with an 18 month old daughter, three suitcases and a total of $1,200 to his name.

He joined, at the time, the most prestigious training company in the world of advertising, ECS (later known as Rogen) becoming, in less than three years, its first partner.

By 1984 he recognized training technique could not replace a fundamental understanding of the “why’s” behind the symptoms, and that band aiding had limited lifespan.

As a training developer:

Toni’s career then took a dramatic turn, founding Louws out of his dining room in Ft. Lee, New Jersey, working tirelessly on one of the first Macintosh (fishbowl computers), spending 18 hours a day for over 5 years, pioneered new training regimens, skills and techniques, workshops, seminars and development programs, firsthand.

To accomplish a broad understanding of these why’s, he traveled to over 31 countries, 19 in which he piloted and schooled his training, to include over 80 cities in the Americas.

His efforts of over 3 decades have propelled Louws to becoming a ubiquitous leader of training, coaching and consulting services that have achieve exemplary results in the following areas:

♦ Agency New Business Pitching and Acquisition Training

♦ Agency search consulting and moderationCommunication Skills

♦ Brand Architecture and Marketing Consulting

♦ Cross-cultural international business etiquette training

♦ Discovery sales training

♦ Evaluating agency creative

♦ Executive Coaching

♦ Leadership training

♦ Management and Supervisory training

♦ Marketing training and consulting

♦ Media Training

♦ Moderation and Facilitations Training

♦ Motivational and persuasive Public Speaking

♦ Negotiation training

♦ Presentation and Meeting skills

♦ Strategic Planning and Thinking

♦ Selling Agency Creative and ideas

Toni has now personally authored some 100,000 documents on training and development, training methods, training regimens,skills, methodologies, principles, techniques and tools, in 21 subjects.

Each subject has been created and developed as a series of standalone modules, allowing for a unique mixing and matching of modules, that cross subject lines giving students incredible access and variety to match their on the job requirements.

Never one to rest on his laurels, in 1995, he implemented a daunting in-house policy at Louws that, without fail, every 3 years, each training program and its curriculum will be fully vetted and where necessary improved upon to meet the demands of an increasingly fast changing and adaptable global business community.


These are but 4 of the exclusive Louws only training programs available – each of which is copyrighted with the Registrar of Copyrights of the United States.

♦ New Business Acquisition© and Discovery Selling©, training that has helped agencies and companies alike consistently move to the top of their competitive set for more than 3 decades.

♦ How to Sell Creative Ideas©, training that has revolutionized the effectiveness of how agencies sell their work to clients.

♦ How to Evaluate your agencies creative©, training exclusively geared for clients who want to do a better job at evaluating and directing their agencies to stellar creative.

♦ Stellar Meeting Presentation Skills©, training adapted to the demands of 21st century communications where digital and remote engagement are as important as in person dialogue.

On a personal note:

Born in Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia), immigrant to South Africa and now an American citizen.

He carried a rugby ball for 8+ years, has achieved brown belt status in Karate and won more trophies than he could carry as a breaststroke swimmer.

He served in the Navy as a submariner following which he went abroad to Denmark for 2 years, completing his education.

He’s been on horseback since the age of 9, owning 4 of his own horses, Vickie, Ace, Smoke and Fence.

Captain of 4 boats ranging from 12‘ – 50’, owner of 28 automobiles, designer and builder of 4 homes, a registered NAUI scuba diver, has completed 75% of his pilot’s license and was a counselor for his church for over 4 years.

He has sold burglar bars, newspapers, magazine space, financial services, training, advertising, automobiles and real estate.

He is an avid outdoors-man who still has the time to read upwards of 2 books a week, caring not for what the subject, as long as it captivates is convincing and inspires.

Toni is a father of two daughters and grandfather of 5.

Favorite Quote: “The one thing we all have in common is that we are different” – Robert Zend

You can find him on both FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter or Twitter.

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