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Louws Corporate Spotlight

Application and Results

Nestle_LogoSince 1984 Louws has been retained by companies as far afield as Hong Kong to South Africa, Australia to Thailand and 42 states in the USA.

The unique skill set that separates Louws from all other training and consulting practices is its rigorous adherence to “practicality” and incessant insistence to “upgrade”.

Unlike many of our competitors, we have specialized in improving performance against job functions instead of titles. We also insist on understanding who the job performance will have the most impact upon and customizing the training to deliver the expected results.

This has resulted in Louws having one of the largest diversification of experience available in corporate training, working with all levels within organizations from the likes of Michael Rawlings (Former President of Pizza Hut and now Mayor of Dallas), Robert Bass, President of the Bass Brothers, Leo Kiely, President of Coors Brewing Company, David Novak, Chairman of Yum Brands, to 1000s of Brand Managers, Advertising VPs, Sales and Marketing Directors and entry level Managers.

It must work:

NovartisEvery skill, discipline, technique, principle and action Louws teaches and trains has to first pass its own “DIW” test. [does it work]

Part of making sure that it does is Louws’ field work.

If we train sales people, we work with the people to be trained in the field before we train them.

If we train public speakers, we watch them in action first.

If we are retained to counsel on the renewing of a brand or marketing program, we live on the customer and corporate sides of the fence before we make our recommendations and implement our strategies and plans.

It must be relevant:

Toyota_LogoWith the world of communications and the mediums in which they are channeled changing faster than ever witnessed in history, Louws implemented a mandatory re-evaluation and upgrade requirement of all our services every 3 years, with the help of our clients.

Case in point.  Just three years ago, 70% of all presentations were delivered in person. Today, by observations and polling, almost 70% are now delivered remotely through one or more digital mediums.

Pizza HutWhen Louws worked with Dr. Pepper to return them to profitability, we first met with the sales force responsible for local marketing, from which we gained the necessary insight to turn them around, taking them from a 12% deficit to a +13% lift in sales.

In the case of the Yellow Pages, New York Times, Toyota and HEB, field work that is normally glossed over for spending millions in unnecessary training was a substantial cornerstone to substantively changing their sales figures and marketing strategies.

Simply stated, Louws provides improved on-the-job performance through customized training and consulting designed to “exactly” fit each company’s unique business environment with one goal in mind – results.


If at any time during a company’s relationship with Louws, it believes that it is not receiving the promised deliverables, Louws will, without question, return the balance of funds owed.

gsk_logoWe will also refund the fees paid for the specific service for which our client believes the promised deliverable was not received.

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