Agency Search Consulting

Louws’ Agency Search: An insider’s perspective

What makes Louws a truly unique search company?

Knowing the Players:

1) Since 1978, we have worked with over 480 agencies in the U.S. and abroad, and as a result have built a stellar reputation; and

2) As a result we have a true “insider’s” perspective unlike any other existing search consultant.

This includes agencies from JWT to BBDO, Razorfish to VML, OMD to GroupM, Burson Marstellar to Golin Harris. Please link to our Agency Roster to see who we are deeply knowledgeable about through having training and consulted them over the past 3+ decades.

Knowing the buyers:

Louws has also been heavily engaged on the Advertiser and Marketer side of the business as a world renowned Brand and Marketing Consultancy, Professional Speech coach, and Salesmanship and negotiating skills training resource – almost always in the marketing department or at the executive level.

This includes marketers from Yum Brands to Novartis, Nestle’s to Coors and Toyota to Prudential. Please link to our Corporate Roster for a list of those who have retained us over the past 3+ decades.

The typical search consultant model

Most search consultants have either worked in a few agencies and then hung up their own shingles or joined an existing concern and from then onwards worked outside Madison Avenue, essentially as a client of the agencies.

This unfortunately, does not really afford them the inside look Louws has gained over the past 30+ years, especially not a contemporary insider’s view of an agency’s strengths, weaknesses, specialties or differentiators.

Louws does.

Today, we are still one of the leading Agency training and consulting companies in the business, not basing our opinions on what the agencies were “like when I was in the business” or “the ones who conduct superb marketing campaigns to curry our favor”, but who they are today.

Who are you really hiring?

It is well known that once an agency interacts with a search company – they are putting on their “Best Show”.

However, is the real show the one that best suits your needs as the buyer, your particular culture or fits best based on your marketing skills set and relationship requirements?

And with what is on the line in term of investment, time and go to market urgency, the better an advertiser is matched with the right partner from the get go, the better and more immediate the results they will achieve from the hire and the longer and more valuable the relationship for both parties.

Tenure – A travesty in the advertising business

Is it a wonder that from last AAAA reports, the average tenure of the agency/client relationship is somewhere in the region of 18 – 28 months, abominable knowing how much is at stake.

Unfortunately, the common reason given for this is that an average CMO’s tenure today is 18 months.

A nice way to redirect and pass the buck.

Of course this contributes to the situation, but is it truly 100% the cause?

Your own case in point. If you are reading this, it’s likely you will have your own reasons beyond the CMO’s tenure for why you are looking for a search consultancy.

I would bet a large part comes from the results expected and not delivered from your current advertising provider.

An agency/client relationship is very much like a marriage. How can we guarantee a relationship that does not become one of the statistics of 48% of all marriages in the US ending in divorce?

The stronger the foundations such as the likelihood of each party is to fulfilling each other’s needs and wants, with the right cultural fit and importantly, desire and capability to fulfill the vows of marriage as not only initially agreed to, but as they evolve with the advent of parenthood, careers and life – the more likely the relationship lasts.

What you can expect from Louws?

1) A very high probability of the relationship working, because we are ensuring there is a real working fit of not only relationship criteria but of substantive marketing acumen and disciplines needed to ensure the success of your brand(s) and product(s) – due to our insider look.

2) Agencies who realistically can hit the ground running, quickly producing an immediate return on the advertisers early advertising dollars – due to us knowing who has the right goods to address the deliverables the advertiser is seeking.

3) One of the most in-depth understanding and look at who “NOT” to hire beyond the hype and reputation.

Optional consulting offerings

It is our very firm belief that there is no “one size fits all” approach to agency search consulting in which many of our esteemed fellows seem to believe.

Instead, we understand that a search is based on exactly what you are attempting to search for.

It is to this end that we offer three distinct search packages to choose from.

Option 1: Quick fix

This is an option ideal for a marketer wanting only to replace or hire an agency on a project basis.

Either tell us what’s not happening with the current agency or what you expect from a future agency and we will find agencies who can make it happen.

Option 2: Discipline Specific

You are looking to either replace or add a specific marketing expertise be it search, social, print, radio, TV, media, promotion or even specific crm functions such as database marketing or analytics.

Option 3: Agency of Record

This is the most robust of all our services. You are looking to either replace or create an agency of record.

Option 4: Current agency audit

A specialized offering by Louws few others offer. It affords you the opportunity to take your current agency and rather than go through the tedious and often time prohibitive full search option, instead, we will audit the agency followed by a 90 day grace period given to the agency to fix what’s broke to your satisfaction.

This service has become more and more fashionable of late due to its vastly reduced comparative rate and time saving potential.

Due to the magnitude of changes that have occurred in the advertising and marketing business and your own business modeling,  this can either be a one stop shop requirement with all required disciplines under one roof or discipline specific in 7 areas, where an agency of record relationship is a cornerstone to the success of your marketing efforts.

a)       Creative

b)       Media

c)       Digital

d)       Search

e)       CRM and Database Management

f)        Direct Marketing

g)        Promotions

h)       Public Relations

If you do not find an option that fits exactly with your requirements, we will work to making one that does.


In all cases you have the option of two financial arrangements.

1)       Fee base – where we will estimate the project and charge a flat fee.

2)       Hourly – where we will estimate the project and charge an hourly rate with specific achievement milestones and time frames.

3)       Hybrid – a combination of a flat fee for specific services combined with hourly consulting.


One of the most often-asked questions is how long the assignment takes. I am sure you have asked others and you get a range of answers.

Our answer is a simple one.

When you absolutely unequivocally need to get it done.

Next Steps:

If what you have read so far is consistent with what you are looking for from an Agency Search Consultancy, please consider giving Louws an opportunity to make good on what we promise to deliver.

Telephone: (520) 664 -1881


Mail: Agency Search Consultancy Practice Director ~ P.O. Box 130 ~ Vail ~ Arizona ~ USA ~ 85641

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