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Finally: A way to sell creative that works

Frankensteining. The bane of every creative’s existence.

If there is a single subject that has scurried under the radar in the agency business, it’s not been in coming up with creative ideas, but on the selling of them.

For years the standard taught ~ what many a creative holds as the Holy Grail: “A good idea sells itself”.

Possibly rooted in the “build it and they will come” mentality of the moguls of the 50’s era of Vegas.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Accurately stated it would say: “A good idea sells itself to the intended audience when they are in the right environment, engaged in the right channel, with the right mindset”.

However, is this true when we are presenting ideas to a client in a conference room or are on the phone discussing the work’s merits with the Brand Manager, Joe, who has never used, let alone seen a tampon?

Stoically forging ahead, HR has had their creatives trained on presentation skills and yet still they consistently fail to convince clients to run with their ideas as originally intended and presented.

They have been taught techniques of how to act out the storyboards, weave poetic their radio copy and build website architectures on the laptop and yet still fail to convince the client to leave well enough alone.


Surprisingly the answer is almost too simple.

Focus has been squarely placed on what the creative message was saying or visual showing, not on why it was doing it brilliantly.

In other words, the execution and not the idea behind it have been the focus.

The secret of Rationality when selling Subjectivity

We have all heard this before; “I’ll know it when I see it”.

Therein lies your first critical clue and what has proved to be a unique and proprietary difference that has propelled Louws’ Selling Creative training to the top of the charts.

What is actually being said is: “When I see what I want to see, which I have not yet been able to formulate, then I will buy it”.

Therefore you get them to see it, not from your or the intended customer’s point of view, but first, from their own.

Think why the most common tool in selling a car is a test drive.

Enabling ownership through personal experience.

The following two insights alone separate Louws’ training from anything else out there today.

Notice too, that the insights are sequential.

Insight #1 ~ “If the idea is potentially foreign to a client’s point of view, you show them that it truly isn’t”.

How? Well that’s why we get the big bucks.

Ok, here’s a clue. Tying the rational reason for why the creative idea is brilliant to that which the client already is sold on, sells the subjectivity of the idea behind the work.

Simply put – it’s the strategy of Relatability.

To achieve this, Louws created an industry-exclusive practical set of 6 “apply tomorrow” techniques that adroitly convince a client that the idea, now part of their own mental framework and personally relevant, is a good one.

These 6 techniques are presented through the use of dozens of actual Cannes Award Winning creative pieces in most all channel categories.

Once learned, students practice using their own work brought to the training for application in both live and remote situations such as telephone and webcast presentations.

Insight #2 ~ “Then you put the client into the shoes of their customer, allowing them to experience the message, as would their customer”.

Easier said than done.

Louws developed 10 specific techniques that can be employed in live and/or remote presentations whether presenting new websites, strategies, banner ads, twitter formats, TV spots, or packaging design.

Again, these 10 techniques are presented through the use of dozens of Award Winning examples across the entire spectrum of today’s communications channels, while also utilizing movie video clips to poignantly and humorously illustrate the techniques,

Once again, students practice using their own work brought to the training in both live and remote environments such as telephone and webcast presentations.

In the final analysis

After attending this training, the senior CD on the McDonald’s account at Arnold in Boston attested: “for the first time in our history with the account, we sold the spot first time out, via a video (not even in person) during a 15” break the client had while attending an offsite conference”, then you know you have something of value to offer the agency world.

To a person, each of the Executive Trainers at Louws has at one time or another held office as a creative. Either as a strategist, copywriter, producer, digital wizard or art director.

We are delighted to have been able to demystify this seemingly discouraging state and would be honored to provide your agency with the insights and coaching necessary to achieve results never before experienced by the industry in such abundance.

Next Steps:

If what you have read so far is consistent with what you are looking for to help the agency sell its creative and ideas, please consider giving Louws an opportunity to make good on what we promise to deliver.

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