Presenting Your Story

(formerly Stellar Meeting Presentation Performance)

Uniting the Artistry of Story-Telling with the Power of Logical Persuasion

Over the past 35+ years, Presentation Skills training has been a core service of Louws. Some 100,000 students have attended the workshop, at over 480 advertising agencies, 150 of the Fortune 500 brands, in 26 countries and 51 cities in the USA and counting.

The Outcome promised and delivered has always been the same;

Improve the ability of client or internally facing presenters to present their recommendations persuasively while inspiring the audience to action.

Enter the 21st Century and the advent of Digital communications. As we are all very aware, it dramatically changed how businesses communicated. Remote presentations today account for over 70% of all internal and client presentations.

Webcasts have taken over from live interactive in person meetings. Formal stand up meetings have made way to short elevator speech type tablet presentations.

To continue delivering upon our initial promise, Louws completely re-engineered its Presentation training content, approach and curriculum. It’s the culmination of 7 years of R&D, having piloted the training with both agencies and their brand clients.

There are 4 parts to the training;

Part 1: StoryTelling© – Turning Pablum into Genius.

Unlike the “Hollywood” version of story telling, a trendy fad of the unambitious adopters, Louws instead embraced the story telling fundamentals of contemporary, hard hitting, compelling masterpieces such as American Political Drama and Thrillers, House of Cards and Scandal.

Included in our study were British Period Dramas such as Downton Abbey, Doctor Who and Spooks. The genius of Blackadder and Monty Python was also explored.

We too, tapped into the brilliance of American Television Dramatic writers such as David Chase of Sopranos fame, Michael Crichton’s ER and Alan Ball’s Six Feet Under.

Essentially, we figured out a way to take the artistry of Story Telling and unify it with Logical persuasion.

Part 2: C Suite Presentation Templates – presenting to senior management & executive decision makers.

This is the culmination of over 15 years of R&D, including over 15 global Agencies and dozens of brands.

The backbones to the Templates are as a direct result of investigating how 5 of the top 7 business consultancies present to their senior management and the senior management of their clients.

These include McKinsey, Bain, Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton & PWC. They were chosen as a result of an exhaustive examination with brands as to who they considered “best practice” as presenters.

Thanks to their contribution Louws has been able to translate Story Telling for entertainment purposes into a business relevant approach.

Part 3: Telling the Story with Passion, Impact and Clarity.

Here students learn the 6 fundamental components to persuasive communication skills.

Fortunately for us all, even though the mediums may have changed, the elemental ways of how people interact with people has not. It’s the training that has produced more results for our students and their careers bar none.

All Louws’ certified Executive Trainers are schooled not only on how to teach, but importantly, how to coach a presenter to deliver in a more impactfull and memorable manner.

These 6 fundamentals are coached until observable improvement is not only witnessed by fellow students, but by the student themselves. This is how we assure immediate back on the job application.

We recognize that we are not there to critique and go home. Instead, it’s our job and responsibility to ensure students’ application of the skills we are teaching them.

Part 4: Bringing the Story Alive

Here Louws departed from the norm and sought the counsel of Graphic Artists, Hollywood set designers, Architects and Special Effects experts.

In doing so we discovered that “death by PowerPoint© need not be so. There are ways to present slides in whatever format is being used very effectively. Until they are no longer a mainstay of our business reporting system, we will continue working within their domain to ensure their most productive and effective usage.

These insights are shared with students while also introducing them to the 12 other techniques and tools of how to help Show what they are saying. This includes the use of props, illustrations, demonstrations, products and the rest of the 5 senses.


1) All theory taught is immediately followed up with a Practical, where students get to practice what they were just taught with trainer coaching.

2) Video is used on Day 2, as part of the practicals and only as an “awareness” tool.

3) Louws does not subscribe to the doctrine of critiquing symptoms such as fidgeting, lack of eye contact or energy or even an over usage of hand movement. We identify why these conditions exist and through coaching, eradicate the symptom.

Telephone: (520) 664 -1881


Mail: Presenting Your Story, Practice Director ~ P.O. Box 130 ~ Vail ~ Arizona ~ USA ~ 85641

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