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Louws unique approach and methodology to Executive Coaching

Outcome:     Executives who improve their performance based on enhanced skill sets customized to their individual and current business acumen.

Format:        Coaching that is estimated to take between 8 – 16 collective hours. These hours are delivered in slots of between 2 – 4 hours. Early on in the coaching, the hour periods are longer and as improvement is witnessed, the coaching periods are progressively reduced.

Process:       There are three stages to the process:

1)       Evaluation and Customization

2)       Coaching

3)       Periodic Milestone Evaluation

Process Stages explained: (Methodology)

1)       Evaluation and Customization.

a.       The Executives are evaluated utilizing three sources and techniques. 1) Interview with their senior(s), 2) Evaluative testing results as conducted by Louws, and 3) their responses to interview conducted by Louws.

b.       Louws creates a customized TIP© (Technical improvement Program) for each executive. The TIP is typically divided into 5 – 10 distinctly separate training and coaching modules, each addressing a specific skill set identified for improvement and enhancement.

c.       TIP is shared with management and approved before proceeding.

2)       Coaching.

a.       First session is a 4 hour session – where the Executive’s individual TIP is reviewed and part one(first module) embarked upon.

b.       Second session period and content is guided by results of first session.

c.       Third session period and content is guided by results of second session and so on.

d.       Coaching is done either individually or as a team, always based upon preparation given to the director prior to the session. This preparation requires anywhere from 15” – 90” of each Executive’s time, depending upon the subject module to be addressed by the next coaching period.

e.       Executive are always assigned, based on previous coaching period curriculum, a specific task or tasks, for which matrixed outcomes are attributed. These outcomes are confirmed as achieved by the Louws’ Coach before the next training session is scheduled. Occasionally, these outcomes are not achievable due to the executives needing more coaching and training. If so, this is arranged and conducted until outcome is achieved, before moving forward with the next phase of their TIP.

3)       Periodic Milestone Evaluation.

a.       This is done at the conclusion of subject coaching and is conducted by the Executive’s immediate senior.

b.       This immediate senior is contacted by Louws, informed of the Executive’s readiness to be evaluated, provided critique criteria and asked to respond within a specified time period.

c.       If needed, adjustments are then made by the Louws trainer based on the milestone evaluation comments.

Subjects available to be coached:

♦ Overall executive career path evaluation, direction and competence building counsel

♦ Business and Marketing planning

♦ Presentation and Meeting Skills (in person and remotely)

♦ New business development (persuasive/selling) skills

♦ Speech making

♦ Improved public stature, presence and acumen

♦ Persuasive Selling Skills

♦ Leadership skills

♦ Management skills – internal (own staff) and external (client)

♦ Supervisory skills – internal (own staff) and external (client)

♦ Relationship building – internal (own staff) and external (client)

♦ Communications process and senior writing skills (e-mail, memo, letter, proposal, meeting preparation and conducting, reporting and presentations)

♦ Strategic thinking, planning and development skills

♦ Negotiating skills

♦ Cross cultural business etiquette skills

♦ Selling creative ideas

♦ Evaluating Creative Ideas

♦ Negotiating skills

♦ Moderator Skills

♦ Addressing the Media skills

Coaching Fees

♦ All fees are based on per diems prorated over 8 hours.

♦ Estimated investment per Director is 8 – 16 hours.

♦ Louws’ Coach expenses are additional (transportation, accommodations and sustenance) – all charged at cost.

♦ At the half way point, Louws will re-estimate each director’s TIP© and duration for completion.

Up front preparation and third person TIP© development and Case Supervision fees

A onetime fee will be charged to cover all other costs associated with the Evaluation, Customization, TIP© development, between coaching period assignment preparation and documentation and modification and adjustment to TIP’s, for each executive coached.

Case Supervision defined:

This is a unique and exclusive approach practiced only by Louws.

It entails the following:

1)       The coach assigned to each executive (case) conducts all interview, training and coaching sessions.

2)       The coach physically documents the progress in terms of curriculum completion and results of all coaching and training sessions and submits this to a “Case Supervisor”.

3)       The Case Supervisor is the one who initially creates the unique T.I.P. for each executive and following each training and coaching session reviews the coach’s “write up of the session”, its progress and/or lack thereof.

4)       The case supervisor is then responsible to ensure that a case curriculum is designed for the next training and coaching session – the content, order and sequence of subjects coached and trained – based on the results of the one just conducted.

Ultimately, the case supervisor is held responsible for executives achieving the desired result which also entails guiding, coaching and instructing the coach to achieving the result.

This unique approach ensures two things:

1)       An objective evaluation of all actions and direction taken on each case;

2)       A third party check point to ensure the coach assigned to each executive is getting the job done to which they have been assigned.

Next Steps:

If what you have read so far is consistent with what you are looking for from Executive coaching and  training, please consider giving Louws an opportunity to make good on what we promise to deliver.

Telephone: (520) 664 -1881

Email: info@louwstraining.com

Mail: Executive Coaching Practice Director ~ P.O. Box 130 ~ Vail ~ Arizona ~ USA ~ 85641


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