Discovery Sales

Discovery Sales: An uncommonly unique approach to closing the sale

After 3+ decades in the sales and marketing training business, Louws Training has perfected a sales approach that follows the natural progression of the buying cycle.

There is no other training approach we are aware of, that does this.

This is not what is commonly called consultative selling, nor is it just another cute name for same.

It differs in that consultative selling relies on a long tail close, at times over years.

On the other hand, Discovery Selling© relies on getting the business expeditiously and efficiently, then focuses on reselling, keeping the business for the long haul.

It was named Discovery Selling© as this is its exact purpose and how the sale is performed.

Before you pitch your story, you discover first, what the buyer really wants and needs resolved, then promptly provide solutions in a manner that consistently adapts itself to both the immediate and foreseeable goals of the buyer.

By default, you are assuming you never stop discovering even after the sale has concluded, thus the approach also assumes a long-term continuum of sales.

This unique approach has been captured visually through the use of an 8-runged Ladder simply called the Louws’ Sales Ladder©.

Each “rung” represents a specific “stage” of the buying cycle for which practical sales techniques have been developed to naturally “move” the buyer along to closure.

Another extremely important and effective element of the training is captured in what we refer to as; “The Principle of Square 1”.

This is the guiding principle behind the application of Louws’ Discovery Selling, Sales Ladder approach. Recognizing that each time you engage newly with a potential buyer, you are necessarily required to go back to Square 1 (as in the game of Hopscotch, originated by Roman soldiers thousands of years ago).

When this principle of selling is omitted or abandoned by a seller, the relationship between buyer and seller soon becomes stale and oftentimes combative.

Following the natural order of things

As provincial as the headline sounds, this truly is the secret to the success of the Discovery Sales approach.

Think back to your last experience at a car dealership where the entire process seemed forced, strained and just plain uncomfortable.

Similarly in a corporate environment there is similar discomfort, the manifestations are just different.

♦ Instead of the forced close by the auto dealer, you get vagueness at the end of a client meeting.

♦ Instead of the up-selling by the finance department for the all-weather mats and extended warranty, you get the change in strategy and supersizing of the budget that no one wants to present.

“If you progress through the sales cycle with the same alacrity we do in converting a customer from awareness through purchase, you end up with two very happy campers where you and the client will swear all seemed to have been effortless, efficient and productive”. Toni Louw

It was this exact natural and innate sales cycle Louws discovered from having trained sales representatives representing the Yellow Pages to New York Times Ad subscriptions, Magazines Ads and TV shows to Creative work, Strategic Advertising and Brand Plans & Media plans. Pharmaceuticals to Insecticides. Farm equipment to Automobiles. Multi-million Dollar Fuel contracts to Incentive Programs.

Like knowing the natural cycle of the moon increases your chances of predicting the tides, similarly knowing the sales cycle allows for a more predictable sales outcome.

Most interesting is that independent of what is being sold, the cycle stays the same – case after case – and this was the breakthrough that led to the development of Discovery Selling©.

The Skills taught

Essentially the training is a combination of three distinctly separate yet intertwined skills.

1) The first. Understanding how to proactively influence and manage, to one’s advantage, the natural sales cycle improving the odds in one’s favor.

2) The second. With each step in the cycle, there are specific skill sets and techniques that when applied at that precise point, expedite the sale forward to the seller’s ultimate goal – a sale.

3) The Third. The Presentation Rung – where you make your case for why your product or service fulfills the requirements of the buyer – has recently been revamped to include techniques to help the seller go beyond just “pitching” his case.

Instead, we have added two decidedly valuable tools. a) Story Telling – how to bring life and the magic of suspense into a business sale. b) A Presentation Template specific to the preference of decision makers and the C suite of organizations.

How the training is conducted

Following the natural sales sequence (as illustrated by the Sales Ladder©):

1) The sales outcome for each “rung” is taught,

2) Techniques to achieve this outcome are taught,

3) How and why each rung dovetails into the next is fully clarified and then,

4) Students practice, to a demonstrated level of proficiency on each rung, sufficient to move  onto the next rung of the ladder.

Essentially what students can expect from this training is hard work and realistic sales tools and techniques to effectively and productively engage in the “Sales Game” with an increased degree of competence that leads to immense gains in self-confidence and ability to close the sale.

All role-plays are conducted against pre-designed case specific scenarios that match each student’s actual workplace situations.

Note: The word “buyer” is being used interchangeably with “prospect”, “customer” and/or “client” to whom a new, existing or extended product or service is being sold.

The Louws Discovery Sales Ladder©, reading from the base on up, codifies both this natural buying cycle and thus consequent agenda for the Training Workshop.

Louws Discovery Sales Ladder©

Louws Discovery Ladder










Next Steps:

If what you have read so far is consistent with what you are looking for from Sales Training, please consider giving Louws an opportunity to make good on what we promise to deliver.

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1. Discovery Selling – A Detailed Description

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