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Louws: The reason brands you know are still around today

For 3+ decades, Louws has been retained by over 150 + Marketers to help them produce and act upon more strategic ideas and concepts for themselves and their customers. This has included some 150,000 students in 26 Countries and 80 cities in North and South America.

There is no other training company that comes close to the kind of depth Louws uses to accomplish its single-minded objective for its clients:

 Take strategic counsel and solutions through to their natural conclusion—improved corporate performance

This consulting addresses the most senior level of an organization responsible for the branding and marketing of the corporation. Concentration is given to:

  1. Reviewing existing brand strategy, architecture, positioning and marketing direction, including elements such as advertising, promotions, social and digital impacts and public relations.
  2. Developing a complete brand architecture to meet both short and long term business objectives.
  3. Providing a marketing discipline and approach and developing or re-developing a complete marketing plan with implementation activities.
  4. Getting buy in at all constituencies including marketing partners, franchisees, all levels of company personnel and external special interest groups.

This combination of research, education, coaching, training, and moderation is ideal for those companies in need of a brand facelift, brand re-invention, or brand introduction.

The Louws sustainable Difference

Accountability to Outcome.

Since the 70’s, Louws has accumulated marketing experience from a vast array of industries on both the marketing services and corporate side of the business.

With this unique perspective, unmatched by few of our peers, Louws only accepts assignments where it is actively involved in the execution of its counsel, directives and recommendations.

Louws is not just in the business of apportioning advice. We help with finding the solution – then acting on it!

Unlike other Brand consultants, Louws integrates Consulting, Moderating, Coaching and Training [Louws CMCT™ system] as a seamless quartet of services.

They may have larger research departments, more staff consultants and even bigger databanks – but they do not have what it really takes to get the job done effectively. A complete package.

Not only are we skilled advisors, but every one of Louws’ Executive Consultants is also a fully trained and certified Louws’ Trainer.

They know that the giving of advice is only as valuable as it is implemented.

And that’s what we are trained to do.

Give advice and then coach your team to implement it.

Complete List of Services available:

♦ Strategic Brand and Marketing Consulting

♦ Strategic Brand Processes from Brand Architecture to Implementation

♦ “Vision Management” Clarification and alignment throughout the organization

♦ Strategic planning and development counsel and training

♦ Sales Development consulting

♦ Training and coaching your employees to think strategically and implementing “thought leadership”

♦ New product development and innovations consulting

♦ Improving your agency’s marketing and advertising performance

♦ How to evaluate creative work

♦ How to evaluate the strategic direction of your agency

♦ Developing usable and high-impact strategic briefs

♦ How to manage the most optimal client/agency relationship

♦ Searching for and hiring a new agency

Case in point: Why Louws’ Strategic Branding approach gets the job done

Louws’ approach to developing a brand’s architecture is unique only in that it cuts through the marketing gobbledygook and leads us right to the 5 most important components, which once identified, result in a brand description that the organization, as a whole, can follow and more importantly live.

1) First, why is it even called architecture?

By definition, architecture is:

♦ A fundamental underlying design

♦ An orderly arrangement of parts; structure: the architecture of the federal bureaucracy; the architecture of a novel.

As with a novel, it’s the underlying design that makes the story come alive – and if this is sound and collectively relevant to the business goals of an organization – may competitors beware and investors rejoice.

2) Second, the whole concept of Branding has been so abused that its inference usually brings tears to even the most stoic and seasoned marketing veteran.

Branding by definition again is nothing more than:

“An identifying mark or label on products or services that shows ownership”

This according to Webster, not us.

The Apple brand is simply:   silver_apple_logoAnd the Nike brand is known by the swoosh.

A brand is a noun. Nothing could be simpler.

But then it gets complicated.

It’s used as a verb: “Let’s brand it more”.

As an adjective: “Their product line is more brandable than ours”.

And so we have now embarked upon re-inventing the English language and one wonders why anything to do with branding is so complicated.

Louws does not participate in, nor condone “new age” definitions.

Good old fashioned English and proven process applied to contemporary situations works just fine – every time.

Starbucks, Nike, Southwest Airlines, Intel, Coke, McDonald’s and even pure business-to-business plays like PricewaterhouseCoopers and First Boston are prime examples of those who have not bought into this new age nonsense.

Louws’ Brand Architecture process addresses the core 6 ingredients of a brand that, once identified and clarified, allow for a company to a) find it’s voice, b) communicate and operate with one voice, and c) operate in a common direction.

These 6 components are:

1. Brand features

2. Brand icons

3. Brand position

4. Brand personality

5. Brand values

These are then summarized, the 6th component, by a single statement of Brand Essence.

How the outcome is achieved

Every assignment of this nature has as its singular purpose the following:

Establishing a vision and direction that is collectively agreed to as the organization’s “mantra”.

This then leads to;

Identifying and agreeing to the actionable principles and ingredients necessary to realizing the vision, direction, viability, and competitive growth of the organization.

 This is achieved through 7 very specific phases, each of which has its own deliverable.

Phase 1:Corporate pulse: identifying the real essence of where the corporation lives today.

Phase 2:Directional Clarity: understanding the direction that must be taken.

Phase 3:Learning the Business and Culture: clarifying the business, its role and place in its space.

Phase 4:Marketing Activities: understanding how the business is marketed, with and too whom.

Phase 5:The Future: clarifying and gaining agreement to future direction.

Phase 6:Single focus: developing the strategic brand and marketing direction.

Phase 7:Implementation: ensuring the new direction and plan is implemented.


All Phases usually take between 3 – 9 months.

Short Track

There are times that a short track approach can be utilized on specific branded products or services.


There is a combination of fee and performance.

The fee is levied against all consultation, research and reporting.

A Performance bonus onus is levied against predetermined goals achieved against developed strategic brand architecture(s) and marketing plan(s).

Next Steps:

If what you have read so far is consistent with what you are looking for from a Brand Consulting firm, please consider giving Louws an opportunity to make good on what we promise to deliver.

Telephone: (520) 644 – 1881


Mail: Brand Consulting Practice Director ~P.O. Box 130 ~ Vail ~ Arizona ~ USA ~ 85641

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