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OMD LogoFor 3+ decades Louws has specialized and been retained by over 480+ advertising, public relations, media, promotions, direct marketing, social, digital and production agencies as their training and consulting resource of choice.

This has included some 150,000 students in 26 Countries and 80 cities in North and South America.

There is no other training company that comes close to thMEC_logoe kind of depth Louws uses to accomplish its single-minded objective for its agency clients:

Improving Performance.

In addition Louws has:

  1. bbdo_logoFor the past 3 decades consulted and trained over 150 advertisers, giving us unique insights into how clients think and what motivates and moves them to buy.
  2. 13 distinct agency-specific training workshops, programs, seminars and consulting services.
  3. Been upgrading all its agency-specific training every 3 years since 1985, based on an exhaustive ongoing research study conducted with the over 1,000 marketers and agencies annually.

Client side experience:

As senior marketing counsel, brand consultant and trainer to some 150 advertisers, Louws brings to agencies a unique insight into what clients really want from their agency, how they expect to be sold to, communicated to and most importantly, how to be convinced.

In addition, since 1985, Louws has conducted, on its own dime, a perpetual deep dive research study into why clients hire and fire agencies with over 1,000 brands annually.

These insights have become the backbone to all of Louws’ agency training and have allowed us to consistently upgrade and modernize the skill sets and techniques in which we coach our agency clients.

ryan-partnership-logoIt must be relevant:

With the world of communications and the mediums in which they are channeled changing faster than ever witnessed in history, Louws implemented a mandatory re-evaluation and upgrade requirement of all its services every 3 years, with the help of its clients.

Wunderman_logoCase in point. Just three years ago, 70% of all presentations were delivered in person. Today, by observations and polling, almost 70% are now delivered remotely through one or more digital or telephonic mediums.

Ultimate Deliverable:

JWT LogoSimply stated, Louws provides improved on-the-job performance through customized training and consulting designed to “exactly” fit each agency’s unique business environment with one goal in mind – results.


Barkley_LogoIf at any time during a company’s relationship with Louws, it believes that it is not receiving the promised deliverables, Louws will, without question, return the balance of funds owed.

It will also refund the fees paid for the specific service for which our client believes the promised deliverable was not received.


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