Agency New Business

The best Agency New Business consultants in the business

A bold statement, but one that can be fully backed by facts we would invite anyone to compare.

~ 480+ Agencies, over 30 years of training and consulting experience, with some 150,000 students in 26 Countries and 80 cities in North and South America ~

But. What are the results of all this work?

Cases in point:

◊ During the worst Global recession since 1935:

♦ $5.8 Billion landed in new business while under Louws’ new business counsel. [2009 – 2011]

◊ Clients won during this period included:

♦ Global Visa, Unilever, Verizon, Global HP, GSK, Global Intel, Discovery Channel, Dial Brands, Knorr Foods, Time-Warner, Humana, Florida Citrus Commission.

◊ Ryan Partnership: Retained Louws for specific assignment sales and pitch training and consulting 2010 through the present.
◊ OMD: Retained Louws as new business counsel for OMD and PHD in 2007 through the present.

♦ OMD: Agency of the Year 2009, with 18 out of 21 pitches won.

◊ MEC: Retained as new business consultant during their acquisition of $3.8 Billion in New Business during 2006 – 2007

♦ MEC: Selection by Advertising Age as #1 Media Agency in New Business ’07.

◊  Instant win of Sony by Continental PIR following Louws’ instruction on its New Business techniques.
◊ Late 90’s: Y&R New York batting .850 for 5 years running under Louws’ new business tutelage.
◊ Shandwick Consultants hires Louws and aces Hill & Knowlton for Neste Forma Finlandia project.
◊ Saatchi Canada wins 9 pieces of business in 1 year totaling $25M in fees following 2 weeks of Louws’ training.
◊ Golin Harris lands prized Wine Institute of California account and immediately thereafter the HP Thick Sauces account following Louws’ training.

Louws has assisted agencies land hundreds of billions of dollars over the past 3 decades.

There is no other new business consultancy that can demonstrate this kind of track record of which we know.

The unique differences between Louws and everyone else

There are 4 very distinct differences that have created skill sets and techniques known only to those whom Louws has taught and coached, which has led to this most common and peculiar accolade: “We hope you never get hired by anyone else”.

Difference #1: Contemporary Relevance

Recognizing that you are only as good as your last performance, in its infancy Louws implemented a standing order that requires every training skill, technique, process and approach to be updated and upgraded every 3 years.

This is the single most important reason why in 2011 we are still helping agencies achieve robust sales results as we were back in the 80’s.

Difference #2: Knowing why the buyer is buying

Think back to when you last brought someone in to help the agency win a piece of business.

When did you hear these as the first words out of the consultant’s mouth: “What strategies are we going to employ to win this thing?”

Or did you hear the more typical: “Who’s going to be presenting?” Or “When’s the pitch date?” Or “How long is the presentation?”

Of course these are questions that need answers. But, they are in importance as a tickbird is to a muskrat!

Louws’ Executive Trainers and Consultants individual backgrounds are from both inside the agency and externally from the corporate advertising, sales and marketing arenas.

As valuable as this experience may be, it’s still insufficient to provide the kind of timely and contemporary insights necessary to consistently win.

Since 1987, Louws has annually conducted over 1000 global surveys with advertisers who have both hired and/or fired an agency to understand why.

That’s over 26,000 surveys with close to 130,000 individual reasons, rationales and motivations.

We challenge anyone to match this in-depth level of understanding into the buying triggers attendant to the buyers of advertising.

However, it doesn’t end there.

Clinically, researching why is only 50% of understanding why the buyer is buying.

Hands-on client side experience is the other 50%.

This is where Louws differentiates and excels.

Since its inception in 1985, Louws has provided a distinctly separate Strategic Marketing and Branding offering, provided by a practice different from its agency side training and consulting practice.

Its Executive Trainers and Consultants have counseled and trained over 150 of the most noteworthy brands in the world.

♦ From McDonald’s to Quizno’s

♦ Apple to Lexus

♦ Gore-Tex to Nike

♦ Pizza Hut to Pepsi

♦ United to Chrysler

♦ The New York Times to the Houston Chronicle

♦ Genentech to Bayer

This experience not only opened us to understanding the inner workings of the corporate marketing machine, but importantly to our Agency New Business Practice, gave us insights into exactly what expectations, motivations, triggers and operating principles drive marketing to the decisions that often seem illogical and inane to the agency world.

And we did this as senior counsel where marketers were looking to Louws as expert counsel to re-brand, re-grow, re-invigorate and re-capture their piece of the competitive pie.

Unremarkably, this joint experience clearly revealed that albeit there are ageless similarities between why agencies are hired and fired, they pale against the dissimilarities year to year, especially since the advent of two recent critical tipping points.

The global recession and new age communications.

But. And this is the key to Louws’ remarkable success.

How does one convert consultant insights into actionable skill sets that can be then taught and coached in an agency that result in a sale?

Difference #3: Training & Coaching – it’s our business

Since 1985, Louws has been a Training, Coaching and Consulting firm.

Unlike many of our competitors, we are not just former New Business Directors, Group account directors or Global account managers.

Each Louws’ Executive Trainer is a certified Trainer who has been through one of the most intense and grueling 18 month Teaching, Training, Coaching and Consulting programs of its kind.

[The inventor of the Louws’ Train the Trainer program – Toni Louw – is a former rugby player and world class swimmer. Now you understand the motivation behind the rigor.]

This training however, is completely independent of the 1 – 2 years each Louws’ Trainer has to then endure, learning the specific subject matter they intend to train such as New Business, Presentation, Selling Creative, Strategic Planning, Management, Leadership or Sales Training.

Why is this important?

As with an MBA or NFL coach, not at liberty to dunk the ball or throw the touchdown, a Louws’ trainer is similarly not at liberty to sell the strategy or convince the prospect how the agency will improve searches CPC’s.

Louws’ New Business Consultants are trainers – trained to get others to perform – and not just share historical anecdotes or reminisce their own past successes.

Difference #4: A Portfolio of Skills

Unfortunately for all, New Business skills have slipped into that misnomer of pitch and hit skills.

In truth, these skills are actually an umbrella label for a portfolio of specific sales and marketing skills.

There are 7 independent skill sets that collectively make up the full cadre of new business skills.

They are as intertwined and interdependent as ground strokes, forehands, backhands, lobs, serves and serve and volley are to a professional tennis player.

Louws is the only company we are aware of that has independently specialized and fully developed training in each of these areas, specific to the agency business.

Brand positioning – creating a memorable voice for the agency that establishes both difference and speciality.

Prospecting – developing and implementing an outreach program that:

a) Reaches the right buyers,

b) Is self perpetuating,

c) Utilizing every available social, digital, engaging and impactful contemporary medium, channel and sales tool.

Presentation Skills – a team trained to collectively speak with one voice and sufficient authority and influence to engender fascination and trust. The choreography of the show.

Selling Skills – having the full complement of skills to:

a) Probe and successfully isolate the client’s hidden buying motivations (not as stated in the RFP or RFI, those highly public documents or by oftentimes highly misguiding consultant briefings),

b) Building group consensus,

c) Appear to never be “pitching” while simultaneously building sufficient stature and trust with a buyer to have them believe in your counsel,

d) Making a persuasive case for why a prospect should choose your agency over anyone else,

e) Closing the sale – there are over 25 specialized techniques of which only 3 are ever consistently used,

f) Knowing how to regroup and still win,

g) Knowing how to Brand the agency memorably,

h) Effectively follow-up in a way that puts one’s competition in a heap of hurt.

Moderation Skills – ability to conduct a collective bargaining event with those who are predominantly total strangers and typically have their going-in favorite.

Persuasive Strategy Selling Skills – convincing a buyer that your strategy is the right medicine for that which ails them.

Selling Creative Concepts, Ideas and Work – persuading a buyer to buy into the agency’s creative ideas, plans and/or work.

Our ultimate goal: The Redundancy of Louws

Retaining a new business coach is far more than hiring a pitch guru or someone who has great contacts or makes the agency team feel good.

These help but are a far cry from fulfilling the requirements necessary to consistently repeat success.

Agency new business behemoths are like great athletes.

Every win is a culmination of many small things done very right, again and again, constantly adjusted for the competition and the whims of new fancy and fad.

And this is what Louws promises to deliver, so that by the time we are done, you will no longer need us.

After all, if we do our job right, the agency players should eventually become their own coaches.

Next Steps:

If what you have read so far is consistent with what you are looking for from a New Business training and consulting firm, please consider giving Louws an opportunity to make good on what we promise to deliver.

Telephone: (520) 664 -1881


Mail: New Business Practice Director ~ P.O. Box 130 ~ Vail ~ Arizona ~ USA ~ 85641

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