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Why Louws is considered one of the best training and business consulting firms in the world:

During the worst Global recession since 1935: $5.8 Billion landed in  new business while under Louws’ new business counsel. [2009 – 2011]

♦ Clients won include Global Visa, Unilever, Verizon, Global HP, GSK, Global Intel, Discovery Channel, Dial Brands, Knorr Foods, Time-Warner, Humana, Florida Citrus Commission.

OMD: Retained as new business council since 2007 with a two year winning streak of 18 out of 21 pitches won.

♦ Selection by Advertising Age as Agency of the year 2009.

MEC: Retained as new business council during their acquisition of $3.8 Billion in New Business during 2006 – 2007.

♦ Selection by Advertising Age as #1 Media Agency in New Business ’07.

Worked as senior consultant and personal coach to Lee Iacocca during the “lead follow or get out of the way campaign”.

♦ Result: Chrysler turn-around.

Over two years trained every sales rep at both Yellow Pages and Valassis following which both companies had best year ever in sales and re-sales.

♦ Result: Had best Revenue increase in hist0ry of the company.

Restructured and counseled New York Times how to compete against USA Today.

♦ Result: Increased circulation from 800,000 to over 1M in less than 2 years.

Marketing and Brand consulting for Goretex to fight introduction of Asian equivalent product at 50% the cost.

♦ Result: Re-grew their business through a pull vs. push strategy maintaining their #1 position as the outdoor weather protector.

Part of the original team to introduce Lexus to the North American Marketplace – specifically in the sales and marketing arenas combating the negative “expensive Toyota” positioning.

♦ Result: Pulled 32% market share away from Mercedes Benz by positioning Lexus as the “affordable luxurious” option.

Helped reposition Houston Chronicle (3rd largest paper in America) to accommodate a new audience more accustomed to surfing vs. reading.

♦ Result: Repackaged approach to “new audience” while maintaining “source” positioning, driving up year-end readership to all time high.

On Dr. Pepper, acted as lead marketing and repositioning consultant all the way through to execution. Sales in the red by 12%, with a multiple brand portfolio of products.

♦ Result: Within 8 months reversed decline, resulting in a +13% in sales – that’s a 25% lift.

Conducted a complete re-evaluation and execution of Toyota’s “go to market” brand strategies and tactics for its entire SUV, Truck, Car and Hybrid lines. Created product matrix system for brand positioning for each product.

♦ Result: One of the best auto introductions into the US marketplace in decades. While GM laid off 7000 employees Toyota outselling all competitors in approximately 75% of all categories.

3 Year marketing and repositioning assignment with Pizza Hut – to compete in a category fraught with competition where products were considered a staple by consumers and purchased as an “occasion” driven event.

♦ Result: Highest sales in recorded history of the company.

Brand and sales consultant to Mahindra (gentleman farmer & hobbies tractors) in a category owned by John Deere.

♦ Result: Put John Deere on notice with “grey color” now thinking John Deere as “Blue Collar”.  Instrumental to double digit growth in key southern states.

Senior counsel and marketing advisor for Mirage (Vegas) marketing team, Disney (Orlando) marketing team and EXG Investments (one of the largest real estate developers in Arizona.

♦ Result: Successful presentation to investors of reconfiguration of business portfolio.

Marketing consulting firm for Pepsi field marketing teams – over 120 distribution points, with Coke the major competitor in all markets, 150 field service reps and a product portfolio of over 2 dozen products. Restructured market approach, positioning of story for each market, both the trade and consumer and repackaging of brand benefit at a local level.

♦ Result: Making Pepsi the real “choice of a new generation”. Youth outdrink Coke 3:1 in Pepsi distribution market centers.

Assisted as senior counsel for the Repositioning and branding of HEB – largest supermarket in Texas. They had become less relevant to a new generation, were tarnished by some very old looking properties and the Hispanic population had no connection with them.

♦ Result: Fastest growing period in the history of HEB over 2 years – with dramatic increase in SSS (same store sales) and Hispanic patrons.

Lead brand and marketing consultant on Quizno’s, fastest growing sub store in America opening one store every 16 hours. Lost way as a brand with Subway taking the consumer lead with “Jarrod” and “Healthy” message.

♦ Result: Complete revamp of brand positioning, personality, and architecture that resulted in double digit growth in YTD same store sales.

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