“Increased on-the-job performance.”

That is the maxim to which all at Louws adhere.

This increased job performance is to be demonstrated by a student’s ability to Captive, Convince and Inspire, be it giving a speech or landing on the right brand position for their company.

Living is learning. We have personally experienced, tested and practiced, with a multitude of training techniques, systems, skill sets, theories and approaches to improving performance.

We have dispensed with all skills that do not consistently and universally improve performance.

There is no room for practice or testing on someone’s career – a career whose success is being put into your hands.

Compromise is not tolerated. To achieve these standards and be awarded the title of a Louws Executive Trainer, all who have been chosen, must complete one of the industry’s most severe and intensive 18 – 24 month internships.

That however is half the equation. Knowing and applying ourselves, the art and skills of a teacher, trainer and a coach, precedes all content learning.

These skills are the backbone to ensuring enhanced performance, reliant not only on a trainer’s “charisma” to carry the day.

Applied are very specific training, teaching and coaching skills to ensure each and every student leaves a training session not only knowing what to do, but more importantly, knowing they can do it.

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