Louws in the 90s

1990 – Louws triples its staff size and doubles its revenue.

1991 – Shandwick hires Louws to train its global network from London to New York City.

1992 – Louws develops its exclusive “International Negotiating and Cross Cultural Business Etiquette” workshop and delivers to all of Exxon/Esso’s International Aviation fuel sales division.

1993 – May. Louws moves its headquarters to Scottsdale, Arizona.

1994 – Young & Rubicam and Burson-Marsteller hire Louws to train all its offices globally, from Melbourne Australia to Hong Kong in organizational restructure and new business development.

1994 – Fall. Louws is retained to train key personnel at McDonald’s in their public speaking skills.

1995 – Dr Pepper asks Louws to help increase its national revenues from 8% to 10% – achieved 12% 6 months later.

1996 – Louws hired by Nike, Goretex and Coors.

1997 – Ciba Specialty Chemicals hires Louws to conduct Media Training for its international Board of Directors in Basel, Switzerland. Training extends over 2 years.

1998 – Louws moves its head offices to Clearwater, Florida – soon after Louws’ founder enrolls daughter in a private school.

1999 – Pizza Hut and United Airlines retain Louws.

1999 – At the age of 45, Mr. Louw takes an official one year sabbatical to document his training insights and techniques. This lasts 3 months. His wife kicks him out of the house and Mr. Louw returns conducting the exclusive one of a kind “Selling Creative Ideas” seminar at the behest of the AAAA for its members nationally.

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