Historical Timeline

Unparalleled Tack Record

Louws opened for business in the 80’s and in just over 3 decades, has trained some 180,000 students in 26 Countries; in North and South America alone, in over 80 cities.

Over 480+ Advertising, public relations, media, promotions, direct marketing, social, digital and production agencies have chosen to hire Louws for its 14 distinct Agency-specific training workshops, programs, seminars and consulting services.

In addition 150+ Marketers have retained Louws as their Brand Marketing consultant and communications, sales and leadership training company.

Louws in the 90’s implemented a quality control policy that requires all of its training and consulting content to be upgraded every 3 years, based on exhaustive ongoing research conducted with the over 30,000 marketers and agencies annually.

Improving Performance. This single minded mission has been carried forward by Louws in the 21st Century.

Case in point; During the worst Global recession since 1935: 2 agencies, while under Louws New Business counsel, landed $10Billion+  in new business [2006 – 2011].

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